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E/F Key Benefits

  • Maximum return on investment

  • Coordination of best possible medical treatment at lowest cost

  • Disability costs reduced or eliminated

  • Expedites claim resolution

Field Case Management insures high quality medical care and provides comprehensive exchange of information between the client, employer, medical providers, and payer. Each Eckman/Freeman case manager has well-established relationships with local medical providers which enable them to secure optimal medical care with effective containment of expenses.

During this process, the case manager serves in many capacities

  • Proactive Coordinator: Efforts are concentrated toward the client's rehabilitation and successful return to work by addressing issues of concern, barriers in progress, and when appropriate, offering recommendations of treatment alternatives.

  • Liaison: The case manager communicates with all parties to insure continuity of care and prevent delays in treatment which adversely affect rehabilitation and drive up claims costs.

  • Advocate: The case manager consistently acts as advocate for the client and payer by assessing the treatment regimen for quality and cost effectiveness.

  • Educator: Overall rehabilitation time decreases when clients are well-informed regarding their condition and treatment plan. Case managers are medically trained professionals who can provide ongoing education throughout the course of service.

  • Facilitator: By effectively communicating with the employer and physician, return to work can often be accomplished much earlier than if case management had not been involved.

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